Love Them Or Hate Them It’s Still An Obsession

Remember that song “Cult of Personality”? Well, LeBron James can pretty much fit into the list of historical figures in the song by rock band Living Color. I’m not making this up. Whether there is love or hate for the people we regard as celebrities, there is no denying that in some way it’s still an obsession.

According to a Harris Poll Survey, 2220 were asked to name their favorite sports star, and lo and behold- LeBron James. Michael Jordan made it to second place on the list and according to the survey. As of 2013, Michael Jordan was also the most loved athlete in the country.

lebron james

But wait.

James would not be a cult of personality if there were no opposing views to counteract this act of likeness. According to this same survey, King James also tops the list as one of the most hated athletes in the country. Business Insider also reports that Serena Williams is the most loved athlete, followed by Danica Patrick in second place and her sister Venus Williams.


What makes athletes endearing? Does the answer lie in their skill set? Perfomance? Recovery? ¬†LeBron James’ s prowess on the court has been compared to that of Michael Jordan and other athletes who have come before him, but does all this still accrue to legend status? Though critics say LeBron is nowhere near legend status like Michael Jordan, he is close!


If LeBron achieves legend status today, would that be because of the love people have for him as an athlete? or would that attribute to the the sole power and skill he displays in the game. We may never know, but LeBron has proved himself continuously as a man who has set himself apart from the rest not just on people’s respect but also his dedication to the game and his own success as an athlete.