Lamar Odom Under Life Support, How Did We Get Here?

have written a lot about identity diversification in basketball and how a lack of this process in career development affects the athletes when they are through with their careers. This week, the world learned about the shocking news of Lamar Odom who was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel. Sources claim that he fell unconscious after using sexual performance enhancing medication and cocaine. Odom is reportedly on life support for the second day and sources claim that not only was he on cocaine, he also took a large amount of herbal viagra. Odom has been battling a drug problem for years now, and this is of no news to the public, who also learned of the death of one of his best friends this year, still from a drug problem.

Reuters reports that “This week in a news conference on Wednesday, Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said authorities received an emergency call from panicked brothel staff, reporting that Odom was unconscious and had blood and a white substance coming from his nose and mouth.” I can’t imagine how scary this must have been for both his family and his friends, who have had to witness a prior death in their social circle.

lamar odom

Reuters also reported that “The staff told authorities that Odom had used cocaine. And they confirmed his usage on Saturday but were unsure if it had continued,” Wehrly said.

The callers said Odom had taken as many as 10 tablets of a herbal sexual enhancement supplement, Wehrly said.

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof said during Odom’s three-day stay he had taken large amounts of “herbal Viagra,” a non-prescription product which can dramatically lower blood pressure and interact with other medications. I can’t help wondering how they could have allowed him to get to this level. Maybe if someone had been there to tell him to stop it would not have gotten this far.

The former basketball star has been rumored to have struggled with drug use.

The rise in erratic behavior on the part of Odom has been linked to his failed marriage, losing his career and a prior history with drug abuse. Where would identity diversification fit into this category? Perhaps Odom could have done with owning more businesses or tackling a life outside basketball as soon as his career ended. I hope that things get better for him.