Lamar Odom And His Basketball Legacy

As more news on Lamar Odom’s recovery circulates the media, commentators and influencers in the basketball industry are fighting back to hold on to Lamar Odom’s legacy as a basketball player, despite numerous attempts, both conscious and unconscious to tie his identity strictly to the Kardashians. Thankfully Lamar Odom is in a better condition than he was last week, still it is worth it to understand Lamar Odom’s fall from grace and the media’s ravenous attempt to salvage information about his life.

In this article by Bleacher Report titled “ The Rise and Fall of Lamar Odom”, the lead writer quotes ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy in describing Odom. Gundy wrote

“A lot of people have wasted a lot of time thinking about who they want Lamar Odom to be rather than appreciating him for who he us. I always look back at where he started. In stories like his, you don’t see a lot of happy endings, so when you do see one, I think it should be celebrated.”

Odom was once of the best reserve players in basketball, and he seemed to be on his own way to a happy ending. He reached a point in his career that seemed to be fitting for a foreign player once touted a one one of the most talented. Fans looked at Odom to provide the answer and he always delivered. Not only did his skill and size prove to be an asset, but Odom’s litany of life experiences also added to his charm as a player. Fans and commentators were aware of the trials and tribulations Odom faced, and he was not alone. With his Lakers family everything seemed achievable even with a history of drug abuse on the part of his father, and the untimely death of his mother. At Christ the King Regional High School, Lamar would set himself apart as one of the strongest players in his class, and then opportunities seemed possible.

His beginning were rife with obstacles many people never climb out of, but basketball proved to be a way out, a story which is common amongst many players. Left in the care of his grandmother after his mother’s succumb to cancer when he was 12, Odom got a better chance in life because of this figure in his life. Lamar’s life on the court will eventually mirror the challenges he faced in his personal life.

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Blake Rubin is a real estate development professional and a basketball enthusiast.