How One Parisian Basketball Court Is Doubling As Street Art

Details Magazine recently reported on one Parisian basketball court doubling as a street art exhibit.

Stephane Ashpool is the senior designer at Parisian based company Pigalle. He draws elements from his time spent in some of Paris’ neighborhoods Pigalle brings these elements to the street wear brand, and in a strong way this same aesthetic has translated into a really impressive street art project from the label. Ashpool who is also a mentor to local kids in his neighborhoods, has been training them in basketball for over seven years, so this project is very close to his heart. The aim of this project was to foster collaboration and engagement in the community. Blake Rubin discusses Pigalle and the effect of street art in the community

Located in Paris’ ninth arrondissement, buzzy and electic French fashion label Pigalle has teamed up with Ill-Studio to create a polychromatic basketball court. The court is wedged between a row of Right Bank buildings on rue Duperré, the space was initially redeveloped in 2009 by Nike with Pigalle founder Stephane Ashpool. I have mentioned how street art is essential in building vibrancy, not just for brands, but also the communities where these brands are located.

According to Detail Magazine, “The court’s intersecting fragments of brightly colored geometric figures were inspired by Russian artist and originator of the Suprematist movement Kazimir Malevich’s painting Sportsmen. The court is a tripartite construction, with the floor composed of panels of yellow, blue, red, and white rubber, the synthetic sort typically found on playgrounds. While the lower sections of the walls have been plastered and painted in the floor’s colors, the rest of the walls are the original brick.”

Pigalle Basketball, Pigalle’s second line, staged its spring/summer 2015 presentation at the court, whose dazzling array of colors is a sure antidote to Paris’ characteristic gray. The bold space is a whimsical foil to its classical/historical surroundings, one that has no qualms about standing out from the crowd.