About Blake Rubin

Blake Rubin is a real estate development professional operating around the United States. Blake has many years of experience in the field of real estate and has a keen eye for great valuable properties with potential.

When Blake Rubin is not focusing on the real estate industry, he enjoys playing and watching basketball. Blake began playing basketball as a young child and his love for the sport has grown ever since. The National Basketball Association is one of his favorite things to watch in his free time. Recently, the NBA has gained a lot of popularity due in large part to superstars teaming up to fit and play on one team and take on other super teams. The trend began with the Boston Celtics in the late 2000’s when Paul Pierce teamed up with forward/center Kevin Garnett and shooting guard Ray Allen. The three future Hall-of-Famers would go on to win an NBA Title proving the model worked. Some other great examples of super teams include the former Miami Heat squad of forward LeBron James, guard Dwyane Wade, and forward/center Chris Bosh, the Oklahoma City Thunder with forward Kevin Durant, guard Russell Westbrook, and forward/center Serge Ibaka, the Houston Rockets with guard James Harden, center Dwight Howard, and forward Josh Smith, the former Los Angeles Lakers with guard Kobe Bryant, forward Pau Gasol, and center Andrew Bynum, the Golden State Warriors with point guard Stephen Curry, shooting guard Klay Thompson, and forward Draymond Green and the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James, point guard Kyrie Irving, and power forward Kevin Love.

Blake Rubin

Ultimately, the game is a lot more fun to watch today when you put more stars on the court all at the same time. The integrity of the game has stayed the same. You still need a ball handler who can facilitate and spread the floor, you still need slashing wing players who can knock down the three point basket, and you need big men in the post who can protect the rim and rebound. No matter what combo of superstars you have, you’ll still need key skills in order to win in the NBA and that’s what is best about the integrity of the NBA.